7 Sep 2016

Headphone Jack must Die

On Wednesday, 7th of September 2016, apple Cappl sparked controversy with its announcement of unveiling the iphone7 and 7 plus without a headphone jack. This announcement will invariably cause a stir in the global market as not only are they the first brand to come up with this plan, others brands like moto (lead the revolution in the us with its gorgeous new moto droid phones) have also followed suit.

This, too many is a highly tendentious development because users will vehemently bemoan their potential mobility to listen to music, access youtube videos, and access facebook clips and lot more. However, they are question begging for answers. Are they supposed to jettison their expensive headphones? It would certainly create a bulb.Interestingly, these electronic companies have promulgated three options for listening through headphones or ear buds

The electronic companies have allayed fears of the pessimission cost upon this development. Wireless connection has been installed to enhance connection. Internet connection, file transfer, even charging and sales of wireless Bluetooth headphones are fast dominating the market.

 The sound quality of the aforementioned Bluetooth buds has enjoyed a tremendous and mind-blowing improvement . Bluetooth is still earmarked for a purported 5.0 when the year grinds to a halt.

Companies have in the past, made headphones that plugs straight into the lightening jack too. The new ear buds created by apple will also be plugged into the lighting (charging) jack with the use of phone. In the context, android phones are not an exception too.
Moreso, with the use of an adapter, and also with your pair of older phones, you can plug into the lighting or USB-C jack with a little supply of adapter. It however, enables you charge your phone and simultaneously plug in headphones.

Having said these, it would certainly enable technological advancement and also flexibility in the use of these gadgets, many users will most likely be salivating for the implementation of this new development.

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